Inspiring Ownership

We recognize that while our priorities may change many times through the course of a day, safety and quality are values that must remain at the forefront of our thoughts and be reflected in all of our actions. Clients and workers will appreciate that our standards for quality and safety are indivisible from the high standards for delivery, design, and competency which have defined CSM since 1995.

CSM recognizes that interdependence in business relationships extends to quality and safety, and that all stakeholders have specific responsibilities when it comes to meeting our duty to protect the public, our workers, and each other.

Holding ABSA Certification and a Certificate of Recognition verifies what our longest relationships have known about the CSM organization for years, while demonstrating to our new clients our ability to meet accepted benchmarks for compliance.




Regardless of applicable regulatory standards or your internal specifications, CSM is committed to working with our clients and exceeding expectations. If your procurement or pre-qualification process has specific requirements, contact us. Our safety and quality team are here to work with you.